The Bed

The next couple of years I was busy with a new home and I did not have much time to build furniture.  I did build a custom three-tier deck with a hot tube and a 12 ft tall play set for the kids in the back yard.  Once these things were done, I got back to building furniture.

The next major wood working project was a captains bed for my youngest son.  I took the photo in 2003; however, I build the bed somewhere around 1995 or 1996.

The design came out of a woodworking magazine.  As I remember, there were a number of projects that I built out of that one magazine, but the bed was the most ambitious.

This is called a “Captain’s Bed.”  All the corners are rounded and there are drawers integrated under the mattress inside the bed frame.  This seemed perfect for a little boy.

The bed is made out of birch.  This is the first time I used birch on a woodworking project.  I had to go to a mill and special order the material.  This was also a first in my pursuit of woodworking.

Later you will see that I built a matching dresser and desk.  This will be a post for another day.  I recently sold the bed, nightstand and dresser when my son decided after 13 years in the bed, it was time to upgrade to another bed.

I found another picture of the bed just before I sold the set (2009).  This will give you a good idea what the three-piece set looked like and how it functioned.  Not bad considering I started this around ’96 and I sold it in 2009!

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