Cedar Chest Update

DSC02737DSC02734Here is a quick update on the cedar chest. The old finish has been almost completely removed.  I have a little work to do to clean up the bottom.

Additionally, after researching the manufacturer, we decided that I would replace the missing legs.  Quite frankly, some of the pictures of cedar cabinets I found on the internet have unattractive legs.


What I proposed to do is to make legs that are similar to the design of the detailed spindles that are on the front of the cabinet.

DSC02732aFirst I will measure the spindle to get the proper proportions.  Next I will do a rough drawing using AutoCAD Lite.

I will probably make the legs from cherry.  That means a trip to the mill.

I will be offline for the next several weeks.  I should be back in the woodshop around the middle of December.  More posts to follow.

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