Legs for the Cedar Chest

DSC02747As I stated in my previous post, the pictures I found of the cedar chests manufactured by the Lakeside Craft Shops showed fancy turned spindles that act as feet.  I did not see any designs that I liked so I decided I would replicate the details on the front of the chest.

I made two of these this morning.  One from walnut and one from white oak.  The walnut was too dark and my eyes kept going to the feet every time I looked at it.  The white oak is better.  The picture shows the new leg with a beautiful stain on it.  This is the color stain I am considering for the entire chest.

(The picture in the post is slightly distorted.  If you double-click on the picture, it display the correct aspect ratio.)

I am pretty sure I don’t like the leg design.  The square base does not look right to me.  I will have to see what my sister thinks.

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