Cedar Chest Complete


I finished the cedar chest quit a while ago, however, I did not post the completed project because Amy is going to get surprised Christmas morning!

I decided on a satin urethane finish.  I just could not bring myself to put a glossy coat of shellac on the walnut veneer.  It just did not seem like the right thing to do.

If you click on the picture, it will expand to full size and you can see in more detail the “before” and “after.”

Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Cedar Chest Complete

  1. Thank you big brother! It’s beautiful and it was such a surprise to get it home today. Thank you for making it so that I will be able to pass it down someday. This means the world to me!!!

  2. I have the exact same cedar chest with the original feet. I know u probably won’t see this but you did an amazing job restoring the cedar chest. I recieved mine in pretty rough shape and would love to know if you’d b willing to redo mine. Let me know if you ever get this message.

    1. Christina, Sorry for the late reply. I wish I could help you, however, I have been living in Shanghai China for the last six years. I no longer have my wood shop. I moved my home to the Big Island of Hawaii. Good Luck!

    2. I’m curious what the original feet looked like. Can you post a photo of it? Or send it to me in an email? We received a cedar chest made by Lakeside Craft and wonder if the legs on it are original or ‘missing’.

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