I am currently enrolled in the EMBA program at UCONN.  Class of 2011.  I am in my last semester and I am taking a course on Information Technology.  One of the assigments is to set up a personal blog.

I sit at a desk all day and work on a computer.  A long time ago, before I joined Branson, I worked in a small family owned business building special assembly machines.  I did not realize how much I enjoyed working with my hands until I moved into the office.  In 1992 I started my first woodworking project.  It took me until 1994 to finish it; however, in the process I discoved a new passion that filled the void of working with my hands.

This blog  is a presentation of my woodworking experiences and the passion (or therapy) I have for building furniture.


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  1. Hi Jon
    I like your blog very nice and I find it very interesting. We share a common passion I never had a clue you had such a strong interest in woodworking. I love the bird houses you do very nice work. I won’t go into a long story but I was bit by the woodbug way back in 1964 in high school and have never looked back to say what if. My passion is turning on a very cheap lathe I picked up when my kids were 4 & 2 and had to give it up to work two jobs to make a living. After Branson cut backs in late 2009 and all though 2010 I said I am going to get back to what I love the most working with my hands and turning wood bowls. After being back again at Branson this year 2011 I have not been able to give it my full attention. I found a block of would in the parking lot here a month ago it looked like maple so I took it home glued it up to make it thicker and bingo a bowl. I love using scrap. I would love to send you a few pictures. I am so looking forward to retiring to my garage. Keep up the good work. (Remember Jesus was a carpenter)
    Your Wooden Friend, Ed. Maynard

    1. Ed,

      I did not know you were a fellow woodworker. I forwarded my link to Bill and he told me he was going to forward it to you.

      I would love to see some pictures of your work. Send them via email and if you would like, I will create a page on my blog to post workworking projects from friends.

      I have a jet lathe in my workshop and I also enjoy turning. I was just getting ready to post some candles and bowls that I have done. If you go back to my site and look at the page titled “projects” there is a link to a PowerPoint slide show that has more of the stuff I have done including some turnings.

      Keep in touch and let me know how your woodworking projects “turn” out!


  2. Hi Jon
    It has been a while since we last communicated so I will say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for the coming 2015.
    I have retired form working for pay and now work for nothing (lo) or actually for the enjoyment. I am still turning wood among other things. I have come up to date with your blog and it is looking great. I would have expected no less from you, based on the hard work you have done and inspired others to do. It is still hard to put into words the feeling that comes from working with wood to create something and then give it away while putting a smile on someones face. The thank you and “awe that looks great” just makes it all worth it for me. I make a buck or two now and then, not all bad.
    Your boys are looking great and almost grown. I am on face book and have posted a lot of pictures of some of the work I have done. I am so new to Facebook I am still learning the in’s and out’s of it. Must admit I still don’t like it. If you care to you can have a look there and see some of my projects.
    I will keep in touch with your blog to see upcoming projects of yours.
    God Bless
    Ed. Maynard

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