The Rest of the Bedroom Set

I finished up my son’s bedroom set by build a corner desk and three drawer dresser.  The material again was birch and I matched the design rounding all corners with no exposed pieces of hardware.   I must have finished the bed set sometime in 2002 or 2003.  This furniture served us well but inContinue reading “The Rest of the Bedroom Set”

Bird Houses and Feeders

Probably every woodworker at sometime in his career builds bird houses.  My wife loves to watch and feed birds.  I have been building this Bavarian style bird feeder shown below for a very long time.  I have probably built more than 20.  They make great gifts! I started out building these from cedar.  They turnedContinue reading “Bird Houses and Feeders”

Making Progress Setting Up My Blog, But Still Work-In-Process

Today There has been a lot of changes made to my blog since yesterday.  I am working through the tutorial and I have changed the theme, layout and description of this blog.  This is still very much work in process. Since this site is going to be dedicated to my woodworking passion, I thought it mightContinue reading “Making Progress Setting Up My Blog, But Still Work-In-Process”