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MBA Grade

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Setting Up This Blog Site

Any of you who have read my blog from the beginnig knows that I started this blog because of an assignment in my IT class in the MBA program I will soon complete.  You may be interested to know that I got my grade for this blog, “A”.

More to follow!


Today There has been a lot of changes made to my blog since yesterday.  I am working through the tutorial and I have changed the theme, layout and description of this blog.  This is still very much work in process.

Since this site is going to be dedicated to my woodworking passion, I thought it might be nice to show you a picture of my woodshop under construction.   (Really what I am trying to do is figure out how to add content to a post and to see what it looks like when it is published.)  There is a long story to tell about the woodshop; however, I need to lay some ground work on how I got into woodworking.  I will start with this once I finish setting up the website.